Autonomous LiDAR 3D Mapper (AL3DM)

Quickly map the elevation of a field using the all new Ag-Sensus AL3DM!

This UAV-based system is fully autonomous once the user inputs the field boundary on a touch screen device. The sensing results can be viewed in real-time as the sensor is flown over the field. Geo-referenced data can be used in various GIS software.  For crop height sensing, the system accuracy can reach as high as centimeters.

Ag-Sensus provides both the turnkey system and the training so you know how to leverage the UAV LiDAR capabilities to serve your clients. 

The AL3DM is a good instrument for: 
- Field 3-D mapping
- Crop height measurement & mapping
- Field topography mapping
- Stockpile measurement
- Construction site monitoring

Depending on your special needs, please Contact Us for more details for a price quote, which includes the whole sensing system plus autonomous UAV control and 3D mapping software!