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QuickScout by AgSensus


Simple. Intelligent. Timely.


Autonomous flights. Scouting your field has never been easier. One swipe of the finger launches the UAV, flies the field, and returns to home.



In the field and on time. QuickScout's near real-time system provides growers with an aerial perspective when and where they need it. Spend less time uploading and waiting for results and more time taking action.



Simply draw your field and our one-button system will autonomously capture up to 80 acres in as few as 7 minutes. Download our free app and start scouting from the sky today! 



 Compatible UAVs: Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2



 Like QuickScout? Stay tuned for our full version.


The efficient imaging technology behind QuickScout paired with powerful analytics to provide you with actionable insight in the field.


  • Crop Condition Monitoring
  • Weed and Fungal Infestation
  • Crop Damage Assessment
  • Yield Prediction and Prescription Mapping



  QuickScout Lite  Standard   Pro Enterprise 
Price   Free!  $0.10/acre  N/A  N/A
Availability   App Store  Coming Soon!  Coming Soon!  Contact Us
 Autonomous Flights  YY  YY  YY  YY

 Mission Path Planning

 Field Manager  YY  YY  YY  YY
Real-time Results YY YY YY YY
 Crop Condition Monitoring  YY  YY  YY  YY
Additional Image Processing NN YY YY YY
 Field Size Limit per flight  80 acres  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Image Uploads per Mission  ?  90  90  90
 Image Resolution  ?  ?  ?  ?