Precision Farming Operating System 

With the various challenges faced by the agriculture industry, including environmental concerns, increasing costs of operations, and an ever-growing demand due to burgeoning global population, crop-growers today have to contend with increased pressure to farm more efficiently. To address these challenges, we are providing farmers with timely, geospatial information of their crops so they may treat issues in the field expeditiously.

Our Precision Farming Operating System, or PFOS, is revolutionizing data collection by eliminating the need for off-site image processing. Our software allows image processing to be completed on the tablet computer used to control the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), thus providing time-sensitive information that can be used by the farmers immediately after data collection. Farmers should have control over the time it takes to harvest their data, and now farmers can have a tool so that they can collect field data on time and get results on the spot.

Our signature software is compatible with some of the best UAVs on the market, allowing users to gather agricultural data in near real-time by using a reliable platform from the best UAV companies out there.



Near Real-Time Results

Our interactive PFOS allows farmers the ability to collect, process, analyze, and share data in near real-time and in the palm of their hands while in the field.

Example applications include, but are not limited to: