Near Real-Time Results + Now Available

The UAV Myth

There’s a little white lie in the ag-UAV industry. Many companies claim they can use UAVs for precision agriculture, but very few can deliver on this promise. It’s easy to fly a drone over a field and take pictures, but precision agriculture requires the delivery of actionable data before changes in the field conditions render the data obsolete. What sets us apart is our proprietary system which allows the instantaneous analysis of in-field variation patterns, and the ingenuity of conducting these processes in the palm of your hand.


Near Real-Time Results 

Our Precision Farming Operating System (PFOS) gives the user access to vital information on the state of their field almost immediately. The interactive PFOS not only collects real-time remote sensing data, but also enables the user to process the data in the field. Geo-referenced crop index maps can be generated and shared right on the spot.

And Much More


Beta Testing Program

We are currently seeking testers for the 2017 growing season.

Approved candidates will receive special access to our unique, unreleased software and be able to work closely with us as we continue to further develop and improve our products.

Please contact for more details.