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QuickScout by AgSensus

Simple. Intelligent. Timely.


Autonomous flights. Scouting your field has never been easier. One swipe of the finger launches the UAV, flies the field, and returns to home.


In the field and on time. QuickScout's near real-time system provides growers with an aerial perspective when and where they need it. Spend less time uploading and waiting for results and more time taking action.



Simply draw your field and our one-button system will autonomously capture up to 80 acres in as few as 7 minutes. Download our free app and start scouting from the sky today!


Compatible UAVs: Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2



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The efficient imaging technology behind QuickScout paired with powerful analytics to provide you with actionable insight in the field.


  • Crop Condition Monitoring
  • Weed and Fungal Infestation
  • Crop Damage Assessment
  • Yield Prediction and Prescription Mapping



QuickScout Version Lite Standard Pro Enterprise
Price FREE $0.10/acre N/A N/A
Availability App Store Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Contact Us
Autonomous Flights

Mission Path Planning

Field Manager
Real-time Results
Crop Condition Monitoring
Additional Image Processing
Image Uploads per Mission 90 90 90
Max Resolution 5 cm/pixel 1 cm/pixel 1 cm/pixel 1 cm/pixel
Field Size Limit per Flight 80 acres Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited




  • Ag-Sensus, LLC

    Field Manager

    Add your fields to QuickScout to organize all your information. Keep track of missions you've flown, as well as planting information and notes for particular fields.

    For each field, you can see your mission log to review all the missions you've flown at that location and keep track of the progress of your field.

  • Ag-Sensus, LLC

    Mission Planning

    Plan your missions in no time with our simple interface. Simply tap on the screen to desginate the boundaries of the area you wish to fly, and we'll quickly generate your flight path for you. During the mission, the UAV will fly autonomously, leaving you to simply sit back and watch. If for some reason you need to manually take over the controls, you have the freedom to do so.

    You can also easily save missions that you fly frequently, allowing you to get in the air as soon as possible.

  • Ag-Sensus, LLC

    Weather & Airport Alerts

    Fly safely with our weather and airport alerts. We will alert you if conditions may not be ideal for you to fly in, as well as if you are too close to prohibited air space.

    Per FAA rules, we'll keep you below the permitted altitude you can fly (400 ft) and away from airports (5 miles).

  • Efficient Flights & Image Capture

    Scout your field in minutes with QuickScout. Battery duration is a limitating factor for any UAV, so we've optimized our flight paths to allow you to cover as much ground as possible in one mission.

    An area of 80 acres can be covered in less than 7 minutes!

  • Ag-Sensus, LLC

    Near Real-Time Results

    Farming is time-specific and site-specific. Every field is different, every plant is different. Don't waste time waiting to see results of your fields. Check up on your fields when you want, and how often you want, and see the results in near real-time.

    With QuickScout, your images will already begin downloading while in flight. View your results as soon as you land.